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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"Very good graduate school."

Keller's MISM program has been a very enjoyable ride. Keller's online program is a great alternative for professionals who do not want to tolerate the all-too-common dumbed-down American student (at all levels). I feel that the self-directed education I have received online has been better for the most part than the live classes of my Bachelor's degree. The world is full of stupid people; at least I can ignore them for the most part in an online program... try doing that in live classes! As with any education, you get out of it what you put into it. The course content is not all that different regardless which graduate school you decide to attend. Financial accounting will still be financial accounting whether at Harvard or a Community college co-op. Keller takes some flak for partnering with Devry, but Keller really only uses Devry's technological platform for course delivery. Other than this, Keller really is its own school. Keller recognizes that many of today's accreditations such as AACSB are now barely worth the paper they are printed on. Any school willing to show the green can get AACSB certification these days. Keller is graduate-level, business education for the new generation of technologically-competent management professional.