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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"On-Campus Keller"

Keller education is fine, no complaints. They're cram courses, so it's rigorous in that respect. The local finance office are full of inexperienced staffing (which is ok, they're young), but I already have bookkeeping experience, I personally had no problem because I knew exactly what the billing dept in Illinois needed to know in order to resolve issues within 2 weeks time, and I know I'm not the only accounting nerd who can micro-manage on the fly & balance down to a penny. I already went to a top undergrad school, so I 'got' my prestige fix, already 50%-reimbursed, already own lease property that can cover the other 50% cost, so it's just a question of which MBA school wanted me. With crappy grades from a top school (like so many party animals from top schools), popular AACSB schools did not want me. ..But that shouldn't keep me from getting a business education, right?