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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"My Keller Review"

I've had a judicious experience while attending Keller Graduate School. I studied Project Management and graduated in 2008. The curriculum was consistent enough to prepare me for some of the challenges I've faced in the business world today, and has absolutely given me an edge. The hands-on approach has put me at an advantage to some of my peers that have attended, and or graduated from colleges with traditional school settings. I took an array of on-line and on campus classes, to break up the monotony of sitting in the class room and fighting rush hour traffic. The flexibility of classes also worked well with my demanding schedule at the time. Classes that were more technical, I'd take on campus to get a better overall understanding. Although the work was quite challenging at times, it did however feel like it was a pay as you go type of environment. Studying and being diligent was required however. What I realized was that some people found it absolutely challenging and others begged to differ. I do honestly believe that it's up to the person to get the most out of their learning experience on any level. My degree is paying off today as I earn close to 200k per year, working all over the world. I would.t say that I'm in this position solely because I graduated from Keller, but I believe that the M.S. degree helped.