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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"Keller's Adviser"

My experience ended without even started yet. My wife teaches at DeVry. So we have some vouchers that I can use for Keller's MBA program. Plus my current company will pay for portion of it as Tuition Assistance. I registered online and got various information including student ID. I had email address and etc. I began to talk to student aid office and they lead me through all procedures and I went through my company's procedures. My adviser Rachel never contacted me. I have to ask her questions or sometimes the nice lady from student aid office passed on information or copied Rachel on emails. I kept email her to let me know if there is anything needed before I start Jan. 4, 2010 class. Everything seemed fine until it up to the time I was going to pay the fee. The lady from Student aid office told me that there seem to be just a little thing you need to do before you pay. It is about Registration. I said I had registered months ago. She Rachel will call me. Rachel left me a short message. I called back and being so frustrated. She called back again and left another message saying that this was Keller's procedure... Why had not I being told months earlier that you need that document? I immediately contact other 3 online universities. All of the advisers were so nice and keep calling me and sending me the follow up emails. I chose one of them for Online MBA and now I am finishing the Week 4 assignments for the first Semester. I still have DeVry teacher's vouchers on hand. I called the nice lady from student aid office and asked her if I could talk to any other person than Rachel or to a supervisor. She said Rachel is the only person I need to talk to. One Rachel changed my fate. I don't know if she has destroyed any other people's dream, hope and expectations. From that time on Keller School is no longer a school in my mind.