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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"Is Keller worth it?"

Keller started out an outstanding professional graduate school; however, it has now adapted the Devry model and in this reviewer's opinion has taken the school down a peg. The graduate school arena today places more emphasis on numbers of students enrolled instead of quality of the education and placement of graduates. Only the larger more prominent schools still rely on their reputation and therefore are selective on admission. Until 2003 Keller required GMAT or their admission test. They have since removed that requirement and also shortened their classes to 8 week hybrids. You can go in class for 8 weeks with an on-line component or take the straight 8 week course on line. I chose in class for the majority of my program (MBA) but I had to take my concentration classes on line (Public Admin). The classes I took on-line were taught by very competent Professors with very respectable credentials; however, the quality of student in the class left a little to be desired. I found more than enough students using poor writing skills in the on line posts. Many used poor grammer and possessed limited analytical ability considered to be par for a graduate level student. While this was a limited group within the class, still I felt cheated when the class costs were $1,800 (at the time) for a 3 hour course. If Keller kept it's strict admission requirements then I believe it would still compete with the larger more prominent B schools. I don't wish to devalue my MBA but caution the next student and would advise you to look at your state U before you leap into a school like Keller. Many state schools are offering the same flexibility that Keller offers and I think their reputation is better. At the moment I have to explain the who, what and where Keller is to employers. Note: I'm currently a senior manager earning $120K in the DC metro area.