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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"Classes good Administration AWFUL!"

The classes are great, I learned a lot and it was a challenge in some classes. I worked hard and did all that I was supposed to do. Funny think is I was supposed to be in the MBA program but when it came to taking my capstone, they refused saying I'm not and MBA student! So here I am - took and paid for all my MBA classes and need to take my last class to graduate and they will not let me. I filled out all the paperwork spoke to 2 Deans (seems the Dean changes often) Talked to various sudent success coaches and still I am waiting to take my last class! I found out about this problem a year into my course's at that time I started the process to fix it. Its been a year and a half later and no fix! I just want to graduate!!!!!!!! I paid a fortune and I sit with no degree and no help from them! I keep trying to register for that class and each time there's an issue! This is unreal! Such a disorganized school! I would never pick them again, too bad I already finished (almost).