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Keller Graduate School of Management Online Reviews


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"A Self Taught Feeling"

This school is probably like any other market driven education business. The courses appear to be a good mix. The problem often is the instructors. Many instructors are not what you would expect in a graduate program. The bad instructors are what jeopardizes the quality of the education. If you have a bad instructor, do not expect any help or support from the school. Complaints are responded with a "will see attitude", basically telling you to go away. Surprisingly, the administrative staff appears large enough to allow for better student interactions. Some instructors are excellent and if you are willing to be a good student they will push you giving you a quality education. I have courses that I almost wish they never ended. These courses are the ones the motivate you and keep the drive alive. Luck is needed. So, if you decide to go here I wish you "Good Luck".