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Kaplan University Reviews


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"They Sell Your Information"

I first contacted Kaplan University because I wanted to earn my MBA online due to work schedule, etc. They called and called - even after I'd answered and spoken with them! - wanting to give me information on their school. After I began my first semester of classes (just recently), they STILL CALLED ME WANTING TO GIVE ME INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR DEGREE PROGRAMS AND SCHOOL!!! I finally told them that the number they were calling was not who they thought it was. The man said that I would be taken off THEIR list, but he can't guarantee I would be taken off the list of the other schools who now had my number. WHAT? It seems they sold my information to other online schools. At least he was open about it! HA! I honestly can't decide whether or not to sign up for another semester with a school that treats its students' information like marketing tools and a way to conduct business with other online schools. What a crock.