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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Mililtary students be prepared to battle"

I started my C.J. degree with Kaplan University back in Nov of 2006 and I presently have two classes remaining to graduate with a BA in CJ. I truly like the idea of online education and distance learning. It has been very convenient in my life-style. I think that Kaplan's teachers are wonderful. The professors have good knowledge of the material and are very considerate of the fast paced life styles that many online students have. I have also had no problems with student advisors, however I have had many frustrations with the accounting department and the schools system of billing. I am enrolled as a military student so I receive GI Bill and Tuition assistance. Most military students understand that GI Bill payments are paid after the enrolled academic month. EX. I went full time for the month of Dec. I will then receive a payment in Jan. or Feb for Dec. Unfortunately all students sign a piece of paper that says the student is responsible for making payments. With that said, be prepared to have the phone ring off the hook every day until the accounts department receives their money. They do not care that the money from the GI Bill comes after the month of term. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. If you do not have a credit card or some other way to pay, be prepared to be dis-enrolled. Also the school could care less about Tuition assistance be paid by your academic officer after the term The School does not send out a bill payment to the education officer for payment. My education officer must request the payment after the term and it takes sometimes weeks for this tuition payment to go through. ONCE again be prepared for endless phone calls from a computer saying that you owe money. I understand that the school needs the money, but the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance are not paid the way the University wants their money and I am stuck in the middle of it. I have always paid my bills to this university and have established a very good payment history with this school, but they could care less. It seems like this school only cares about money, BOTTOM LINE. I would recommend this school to those of you who are prepared to defend yourself every 10 weeks or at the beginning of a new term, but for those who would like to have things just run smoothly and let you focus on your classes and home life. This is not the school for you. You will get aggravated and loose motivation.