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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Kaplan vs. Phoenix"

I attend University of Phoenix online, however, I watch my wife deal with problem after problem with Kaplan. She decided to go with their legal studies program because at the time Kaplan was the only online school that had an accredited legal studies program. The primary focus of the problems seems to lie within the customer service. The financial advisor and the academic counselors constantly change so there is no continuity. They lose emails and other documents required for financial aid. They only converse through email if you're lucky, because you can only get a hold of their voice mail. Honestly, the voice mail problem seems like a common practice there at Kaplan. The last and hopefully final problem is a two in one. Kaplan will not allow the student loans to pass through to pay off her last class so she can get her degree and move on to the University of Phoenix for her masters degree. They are having "technical difficulties" in communicating with their loan providers in the financial aid department. The past two months that my wife has been waiting for them to fix this "hold" on payments has led to my wife discovering that they were charging her the wrong tuition rate for the past year as well. They were charging her the old veteran's rate and not the updated lower rate, while still sending class completion confirmations to the VA. So now Kaplan doesn't even need the final payment for anything because they owe my wife of top of everything. The financial aid "officer" as they call them at Kaplan, is the fourth one she's had this year. All of this while I've been attending the University of Phoenix online, I feel very fortunate to have had the same financial aid advisor and I'm on my second academic counselor since I first started in Jan 2007. My primary problems with University of Phoenix is that they usually give me the voice mail whenever I call. So if you had a choice between Kaplan or Phoenix, I would recommend Phoenix.