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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Kaplan is NOT VA GI Bill friendly"

My GI Bill was about to expire and as my current job looked questionable, I decided to try to complete an online education using my VA GI Bill benefits. VA only pays monthly based on information the school provides concerning your enrollment. If the semester ends in the middle of the month, but resumes that same month, you only get partial payment since you were not a "Full Time" student. This means you will not get paid enough to cover Kaplan's fees. I am not financially secure enough to pay for classes without the payment from the VA. When the amount tendered by the VA does not meet Kaplan's plan, be prepared to receive DAILY PHONE Calls from the collection unit, day and night, at home and work! I am too far along in this degree plan to switch. Had I known this before hand, and their financial advisor PROMISED there would be no issues with the GI Bill, I would have taken my money elsewhere.

I do not recommend Kaplan for this reason. The teachers have been good, the class sizes appropriate, the books informative and I have no other complaints. But I don't like threats to my well being, credit score, and educational restrictions for situations outside my control.