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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Kaplan University what a Joke"

This school is a big scam! I graduated in 2003 at the time it was Hamilton and offered the Travel Program.. I know I know not a great field to get into but there are other things to learn such as Hotel management, Cruiseship operations etc. They didnt teach any of it just geography that I learned in Jr high and a computer program that most travel agents do not use anymore. The school was OVERPRICED!!! Mark my words YOU WILL NOT get a job that pays you well enough to pay off your loans from Kaplan. Employers in my down do not take it as a real school other universitys only allow a few classes to be transfered in because of how fast the programs go. The career placement was of no help AT ALL! They would copy down the helped wanted adds word for word out of the local paper and post them. That was their career placement. Do your research before you pick this school