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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Kaplan University is a FRAUD"

It is with much frustration that I explain this situation. I have received quite a few notices of delinquent payments from your bank "CitiBank", on a student loan account for classes. On 3/07 which it is true that I made a decision to attend Kaplan, but I requested a withdrawal from the classes because of hardships. At the time I was not working, as a result of this I could not continue classes, because of interviewing demands and losing my apartment. I contacted my counselor to inform her of my situation. She mentioned that I should log on to Kaplan's website for online classes and notify my professors of the situation. After notifying Kaplan and my professors regarding hardships I never received any form of response from admissions, or my counsel. I spoke to Student Services, and to my shock, they refuse to help me, stating that I logged on when it was pass the time to (by a couple of days) withdrawal. I mentioned that it was per my counselor to log on. Student Services received the monies in my eyes fraudulently. Another issue is that when I first enrolled at Kaplan, my Academic advisor assured me that all the classes I would be taking are accredited to NYS Dept. of Education, but after checking into several other Universities and NYS Dept. of Education I found out that was a lie, and I would not be able to transfer the credits to any other schools in NYS schools, which is were I reside. Not to mention that they are supposed to be an accredited University, what that really mean is they are an accredited school of higher learning, a big difference. Kaplan will tell you anything just to get your money! I cannot believe Kaplan University, they are still taking advantage of so many people with the hopes and dreams of improving the quality of their lives, only to have that dream shattered by such a greedy, ruthless, money making venture called a University that's just a form for a bunch of profiteers that are corrupt and greedy. Kaplan's Financial Aid and Student Accounts Department is a nightmare, but after withdrawing it only got worse. This so called University has no integrity, and is one of the most tenacious predators I have ever encountered when it comes to dealing with either a school or business. I have had nothing but problems with ever trying to get a hold of anyone I needed to speak with and they rarely ever returned any of my emails, dealing with Financial Aid and Student Accounts is a pure nightmare as they are incredibly disorganized, liars and ruthless. What Kaplan University has done to me and others is completely unfair! Now, I am stuck with a school loan that resulted into nothing, which is the equivalent as throwing money away. As stated before, please I would like Kaplan University to return the monies to "Citibank" and EDFUND!