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"Kaplan University"

I just graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Kaplan University. I attended this school for four years. My education was decent and the teachers and classmates were excellent. I enjoyed that the Profs had real-life experience that they drew from and many truly wanted students to succeed and be educated. Hats off to them for their excellent work! The problem in Kaplan’s accounting practices and financial aid administration…or lack there of as the case may be. I truly believe this organization to be FRAUDULENT in their accounting roles when it comes to handling student tuition. No doubt Kaplan will respond to this saying “Don’t listen to this person” as they do with every complaint. The truth is I have no reason to lie. I am a 40 year old college educated professional who graduated with a 4.0 GPA. My only goal here is to make everyone aware of the nightmare of a situation I have encountered with Kaplan. Starting last October I was harassed literally by no less than 3 phone calls per day asking me to pay $120. After a week I finally paid. Two weeks later I received a refund check for $678. Odd seeing as how they just harassed me for $120. I called and they stated the check was mine and I did not owe anything. Three weeks later the phone calls started again stating I owed $404. I called again, this time very confused. Accounting was unable to satisfy my interest in a full reconciliation of my account. One woman even stating I did not have access to certain files showing what I owed. January 4th I get a refund check from Kaplan for $275.00. After hours on the phone I finally gave in and made payment arrangements by returning the $275.00 check and adding $129 of my own to equal the $404. Four different people at Kaplan told me I was paid in full with nothing to worry about. January 24 the phone calls start saying I owe Kaplan a Master Promissory Note to “complete” my file. I explained I was already done with school as my last class was January 18. Nope, not good enough…fill out this needed form or we won’t send your degree. Whatever…send me the form and I’ll sign it. I received one Master Promissory Note on 1-28-11 stating that I am required to pay Kaplan $747. I received another Promissory Note three days later on 1-31-11 saying I owed Kaplan $242. Since October I have had 18 documented Kaplan calls where I have called to sort things out. I have names and dates which I will gladly supply. These 18 calls certainly do not include the dozens of collection calls Kaplan has made to me. Kaplan has stated I owe $120 in October, $404 in December and January’s totals have fluctuated from zero owed, to $242, to $404, to $575, to $747. It’s a different total with every person spoke to. There is no organization and not one person can reconcile my account in a decent fashion. Sadly, because of this constant harassment and money-hungry attitude, I cannot give Kaplan a recommendation. Moreover, I plan to continue for my Masters Degree and will look elsewhere to spend my $30,000. Take it from a student who has 4 years in with Kaplan. LOOK ELSEWHERE!