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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Just Waiting with Faith"

I have no problems with my advisor. He is wonderful! The tuition is a little steep, but I could go to the University of MS and pay 2k less and still have to pay for gas to commute, take off of work, plus BUY my books. The tuition is not all that bad when you really look at it. As far as the finance dept. They are probably work study students. And none of them work from the same office. You just really have to stay on top of your stuff and catch it before it catches you! I'm really hoping for good things with this school. I've read similar stories about U.of Phoenix, but a friend of mine went to them on campus and had nothing but great experiences too. So maybe it is just the online part of the schools. I'm sure these schools have their hands full with the amount of people wanting to use them. I watched their graduation ceremony for this year. That is a lot of people. It took me two years to decide to take online classes with a non local school. I did not just jump out of bed one day and say "hey! I think I'll go to Kaplan" College is not for everyone no matter how much you want it.