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Kaplan University Reviews


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"In at Marquette, waiting on UW Madison"

Absolutely great. I could not have completed a brick and mortar school with my job and family, but wanted to go on to a quality part time law school after my BS degree. From most of the reviews, you would think the degree would be useless, well I can tell you firsthand they are flat wrong or lying. Marquette accepted my within a week of submitting my application and I am still waiting to hear back from UW Madison. Both are top 100 schools and did not think twice when I asked them about a Kaplan BS. As long as it is accredited, which Kaplan is, the schools both said I would be fine. Make sure you are self-driven and keep an eye on your student account- as that is the only department I had any trouble with- and you will do great. If you can afford it and are a self-driven personality I highly recommend Kaplan.