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"I do not even know where to begin!"

I do not even know where to begin. I had a great first semester. Then I signed up for the second semester, but was overwhelmed with work and physical problems, SO, I decided to drop 2 classes. I was not told that this move would change my financial aid status, nor did anyone contact me. Then 1 week later I got a call telling me that I was in collections, and how did I want to pay for this... So, I told them to DROP me from ALL classes. because I coulnd't afford now to go to school... I was told "you need to log in to complete this request" WELL, that was a big fat lie! Logging in made it look like I was still in class, so they were going to charge me the WHOLE tuition for the class... So I went round and round with them, and was finally told that they could reduce the amount I owed. I was happy with that, until the night before last I got a call saying that I owed the amount that they "reduced" but get this, it is now in a COLLECTION AGENCY. THey didn't reduce it, they moved it to another place to get their money!! I am going to the Navy Campus to tell them HOW BAD this was handled and to BEG them to NEVER recommend this place to any other UNSUSPECTING MILITARY FAMILY... Because God knows that we can't afford to throw our money away, since we get SO LITTLE OF IT!!!!