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Kaplan University Reviews


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I have been attending Kaplan University Distance Learning for about one year. After I sent an info request to a Veteran's specialist (I was in the U.S. Navy for 5 years prior) I got a phone call right away and this person went out of their way to explain the entire program to me. So with a 34% discount and free books, which made it the same cost as the local community college, I signed up. The registration went great, and if either my financial or main advisor are busy, there is always someone else to answer my questions via the phone (or they respond by e-mail.) The learning experience has been great. All of my professors have been what I would call AWESOME. They are very on time with answering questions... very dedicated to the cause (the math requirement was difficult but this professor was one of the best.) I have really learned ALOT. True, at times I get concerned about the fact that others, who I work with have gone to the big fancy colleges. However, I really think that it is about who you are. e.g. you total over-all work ethic...and most of all your ATTITUDE. I love the seminars w/ the chat. It is a great way to chat with your other classmates and ask the professor questions. The entire program seems very streamlined to me... once I have problems with a book arriving but an IT staffer helped me out with this. The only thing that I might recommend is that a person just out of High School, might do better at another program. The on line experience is great for. non-traditional student though. It is all what you make of it. I have heard stories from others of their not so great experiences from other colleges as well... there was a professor, who was too harsh, one who complained about not getting paid enough (lower cost college then you pay for what you get...) and mistakes being made. Then the GI Bill? That can be a rough situation. You would be better off just filing for FAFSA and then get reimbursed with the GI Bill. I prefer Kaplan over the other on line University that I attended. It is better to have the new class week start on a Wednesday vs. a Monday. Whoever thought of this one was a genius. So, research your program prior to starting. It's all what you make of of it.