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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Good and bad -still wouldn't recommend it"

First of all - the idea behind reviews is for people who have had a legitimate bad experience to tell their story. To say that people who have had a bad experience at Kaplan aren't smart because yours was good is a completely uneducated thing to say. My experience at Kaplan was excellent, and I was very excited about the degree that I was earning. My problem came when I had to go to my dean for assistance with a problem that I was having with the clinical placement director. The dean assisted me, and from that day until now, the clinical placement director has been doing everything in her power to make sure that I am not successful. She has even made it so that my complaints about her constant harassment and badgering are not being heard at the upper levels. I am through with this school. I have one 10-week term left that I have been attempting to finish since March 2009 when I should have graduated originally, and she has come up with one excuse after another why I can't return. The first attempt, she put me off until two days before the term was supposed to start, and then she lied and said that my site wouldn't take me - which against her direction I contacted the site on my own, and they denied ever refusing to precept my clinicals, I have it in writing. The next term they tried to force me to return when my children were all getting out of school. I requested an extended leave of absence due to the fact it was the placement director's error that cost me the ability to complete the previous term, and they refused. I ended up withdrawing to return in September when my children would be back in school. July 1, as directed, I re-enrolled, completed all of my paperwork, my FAFSA, and paid my enrollment fees - I was ignored by my enrollment counselor, the dean, the clinical director, the assistant dean, the registrar and the director of student relations - I literally begged in e-mails for assistance, and even stated to them that their delay was "spoon-feeding" the clinical placement director a reason to tell me that I wouldn't be able to return - GUESS WHAT??? That is exactly what she said. My site was ready for me to start on September 15, all set up, and she cost me that again. Now here it is, all set to start October 14, and I get an email yesterday stating that my site would be unavailable and I would be forced to travel to a site that is not in my town. It may be no big deal to travel 40 miles when you live in a big city. I live in rural MT and there is no public transportation here to the sites that they are forcing me to attend. I have been explaining this to Tricia since last September in 2008 which is why I went to the dean in the first place. I have no desire to fight for this any more. I kept telling myself, "you've spent 14,000+ already, and you only have one 10-week term left...just keep trying." No more - I am finished. I have already started a complaint with the Iowa State Board of Education to have my loans dismissed because of Kaplan's failure to provide an education that would benefit me. I cannot benefit from an almost AAS in Medical Assisting. I will get my loans dismissed and go to a different university. While my experience would have been great were it not for one person - I have real live friends who have recently told me that they wished I would have told them sooner I was attending Kaplan, because their experiences have all been bad as well. I would not recommend the school, as it seems to me that the only person there that cared if I was successful at all was my original advisor. BTW - they have changed my advisor 4 times in two years. I never know who I am supposed to talk to because it changes all the time. I still go to my advisor for help, and she gets stuff done because we have bonded. That is the only good thing I got out of this battle. DONT GO TO KAPLAN - ITS SEEMS TO ALWAYS BE SOMETHING WITH THEM. It's a risk...