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"Financial aid department is horrible"

When I first did my FAFSA I was told I would not have to pay anything for my first year. Well at the end of the year they told me I owed $190.00 while that might not seem like a lot to most it is to me. It has been a fighting battle with the financial aid department. I just finished my first year and all year long they have been messing up my financial aid. The review department keeps sending me e-mail's and even blocking me from class because they say the need my tax return. I filled a joint tax return with my husband. Every time I call and speak with someone they go "oh yeah I don't know why that happened" they say they will escalate it to fix the problem but now that I am in my second year they are saying I owe them $11,900 because I didn't give them my tax return on time (this whole time they have been escalating the wrong tax return!!!!). I explained to the girl that they have had it since I started, she looked it up then went to get her manager because she didn't understand either. Finally she comes back and says bank of America the company I picked for my loans is no longer accepting student loans so there is nothing they can do about it. I don't understand why I have to pay $11,900 when I had about $4,000 in pell grants that I shouldn't have to pay back when THEY are the ones who messed up. The girl told me to go get a personal loan which I think is unacceptable since I would have to start paying that back right now and it would be at a much higher rate then the student loan through bank of America. All I have to say is be ready to spend more time on the phone with financial aid then actually doing homework. Oh and ps I have been on hold with financial aid for 1 and 1/2 hours and I have yet to speak to someone today to get another problem cleared up. If you decide to go to this school good luck!!!