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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Excellent School..No problems 4 me.."

I started Kaplan in January 2009. My academic advisor is still my advisor to this day. She made sure all of my paperwork was in order. She calls all of the time to see how I am doing and if I have any problems or concerns. Most of the time I miss the call because I work alot, but she always leave a message with her number. I wonder what school all of these other people are talking about. I'm assuming these are all undergraduate or certificate degree students. You have to realize that Kaplan bought out other schools that were on the verge of failing. They just changed names and were jacked up before Kaplan bought them out. Some of the employees probably still kept their jobs. Don't hate on Kaplan unless you can truly say it was Kaplan built from the ground up. Otherwise it takes time to clean up someone elses mess. I saw someone say they received a CNA certificate for a Patient Care Tech program. Highly educated people know that a Patient Care Tech is pretty much a CNA..Nursing homes call it CNA, Patient Care Tech for hospitals. My MBA program is costly, but so are many others. It''s the convinience that matters. I could have went to any school I chose to. The work can be overwhelming with so much to do every week. I learn alot, and these are not some little petty professors either. All of mine so far have been highly educated. My boyfriend attends a big university on a ground campus and they rarely have any work to do for his Masters program..just study for tests. It's like that with many other universities. My financial aid is always taken care of even if I don't get to speak to my financial aid officer. I have had no need to anyway. Your updated ledger let's you known exactly what date the money is going to be given to Kaplan. Kaplan then sends me a email everytime they cut me a check from extra financial aid. This gives me the opportunity to use it for books, etc, save it, or use it for future payoff instead. And as for the $1000.00 off tuition voucher, you use it on your last term. The other person that mentioned this problem must not have had it in writing if they won't give it to you. It's a document explaining just that. I have mine and will use it. I am just so confused as to the negative experiences. Do they pay more attention for the upper level studies? Do they have better qualified staff all over for the higher level studies? I just don't know. Everyone I know has had the same great experience as myself. If the school doesn't work for you, then you should do what's best for you. If Kaplan treated me the way some people say, I would have been gone. It's just hard for me to believe when I have a few months left with no crazy problems. It's a good school with great professors along with a demanding workload. You have professors at every university that let's people slide as another person mentioned getting A's with little work. Don't try to seperate the issues that go on in every school. All of the same complaining people are probably HS or GED grads anyway. They probably couldn't get into any other college program thinking that Kaplan was an easy go, and now they are mad. They will have a problem at any college, and will probably never get a degree anyway.