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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Dont waste your time, you wont get a job..."

This was the biggest waste of time and money. I never got a job because they never gave me my license for NATP program. All I got was a certificate, but no license and now no one will hire me. ...THANKS KAPLAN! Not only that, but students from the ADN program are hated by all the local hospitals. Nurses hated us because we weren't prepared. Kaplan teachers do not prepare their student. I spent 2 hours in a class room with no instruction, while we all played with needles on oranges. NOT ARMS, NOT FAKE PRACTICE VEINS... ORANGES! Then a week later I'm in a hospital during my clinical trying to stick a sick old person while being yelled at because I wasn't trained properly. Kaplan made me fully capable of sticking a needle in an orange, but I cant start an IV to save a sick person. THANKS KAPLAN! WORTH EVER PENNY! (sarcasm)