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Kaplan University Reviews


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"Continuation of... A CURRENT STUDENT REGRETS"

If Kaplan really had a true interest in helping me continue my education and not constantly demanding money, the following information was obtained directly from The Department of Education. Partial overseers of our financial aid system here in the U.S.: I called the Feds at the Department of Education. They told me that ONLY the school is allowed to "extend" someone's financial aid. I was told by the Feds that they have no control over what a school does and does not do in that regard. To make sure that this information was correct, I gave myself three days and called back again and was told the same thing by someone different. Needless to say, I have had NO help from Kaplan and have to quit because the only interest this so called university has is in taking all of your money, the high pressured way. Finding a true and credible institution should not have to be this hard.