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Kaplan University Reviews


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"A current student regrets....."

If you are lucky enough to have an instructor that can capture the attention of all of his or her students, I say, learn as much as you can from that person and don't be afraid to ask questions. At Kaplan, there are only a small percentage of professors like this. The rest will make you feel like you should have never taken on the challenge of attending an online school. Financial Aid "Officers". WHAT A JOKE! If they had been upfront and said that you would owe more money before each term even ended, then I would have never agreed to attend. The only way to attend this "University", and hopefully graduate is if you have an endless supply of money to give to Kaplan. If you do not, then be prepared to be a greater financial risk because it will get to the point that no one will loan you any type of money before Kaplan is through with you. As far as contacting someone from financial aid, do not bother leaving a voice mail, email or fax. These officers are given more students then they can handle and if you do get through to someone, the answers given are NEVER CONSISTENT. The following will be in all caps for the purpose of emphasis only: YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS AND STILL HAVE A GOOD CREDIT HISTORY. FIND A BETTER PLACE TO BE PROUD OF THE DEGREE YOU CAN EARN. SAVE YOURSELF AND LOOK ELSEWHERE!!