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Hope International University Reviews


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"Graduated in 2010"

I decided to attend HIU because I used to live in CA, lived 30 minutes from the school, I knew of the school and a few people who went there. I liked that it's a brick and mortar school offering online programs. I graduated with my BS in Human Development and really enjoyed it. The school is Christian based so there are about 2 or 3 Bible classes. Even with the courses being biblical based I learned a lot about the scientific aspects of Human Development and behavioral characteristics. Each class is 5 weeks long (for the last two years) with discussions and 5 pages finals. For this program there is a capstone course that you do a research assignment and it's 15-20 pages. It was fun, yes I said fun! I picked an awesome subject that I wanted to know more about so I enjoyed the research topic. Also, if you want to do a masters and have a thesis you can just add onto the paper. They also have masters programs online. I took 2 classes in the M.Ed program. I loved it but decided to not continue with my masters as of now. One issue that I ran into in 2008 that many non profit universities didn't offer GE's and I had about 4 left. At Hope you can take all of your GE's and major courses. Of course it will end up more expensive but at least it gives you the option. In the past 3 years many major universities have now started to offer GE's. Administration and faculty there are all fantastic and I really enjoyed it. It's worth checking out if interested.