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Grantham University Reviews


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"Great School To Be Used As It Is Designed For"

Grantham University is an online university so it is what it is. With that being said, it is what you make of it or put into it also. I am currently an active duty service member and have earned an associates degree at Grantham and am nearing completion of a bachelors. I have attended this school for five years and have nothing but positive experiences so far. Like any organization some instructors are better than others and some are sub-standard in my opinion but those are few. As an older student I enjoy dealing with a "for profit" university because I feel I have more ownership in the process as a customer. I have attended various "brick and mortar" colleges over the years including a military base branch of USC and I definitely didn't feel that I was not much more than a mindless drone. I fought the idea of attending a non-regional accredited university but once I realized the reality of a degree for myself at mid-career it made sense to give it a try. I recommend Grantham to people like myself who are seeking a bachelors degree for job progression etc., which is what schools like Grantham were designed for in the first place. I would not recommend it for young entry level college age adults, Id recommend attending a regional college or university.