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Grantham University Reviews


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"Grantham Univeristy keeps improving!"

So far, my experience at Grantham University has been what I've expected: demanding, fulfilling, can go at my own pace. Being in the military, online education was very appealing to me. My husband got his Masters thru Univ of Phx but they just didn't appeal to me. I needed a little longer of a class and i like receiving books for my classes. I have completed 8 classes so far in the past year, my CCAF credits, clep test credits and classes from two community colleges all transferred to Grantham. One of the things that can make or break you at any college is your student representative. I have a great student rep who keeps me on track and regularly contacts me to see how I'm doing in the class or if they need a transcript or something. He is awesome and I thank him everytime for keeping me on track. A good student rep can make it a positive experience for you. In my title I put they keep on improving. Well since they have moved their school from Slidell, Louisiana (after Hurricane Katrina: their campus was destroyed) to Kansas City, Missouri, they have gotten much better at their customer service, they keep adding to their website and now have book buy back which they just started this year. I really believe it will become a top distance learning college in the near future (link to news article about Grantham: ) The individual that gave Grantham a not so favorable review, looks like maybe that person was trying to deal with them while they were relocating the school so he wasn't getting good feedback or whatever. Not so sure about transferring credits from Grantham since I'm on track to graduate from Grantham. I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else now!