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Grantham University Reviews


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This place is trash and I like how the employees write the same reviews for the school in forums that rate the school to boost the schools low enrollment rate. Just google "grantham review" and look at all the same posts that rate the school high. The school changed over to the Angel Program that requires due dates and discussion boards making the school just like all the REGIONAL accredited schools but Grantham is a national DETC one. I heard the college applied for a regional one, good! so now you have a choice to choose far better online regional schools than this one. Columbia southern university is a DETC school, it is far better than this one. At CSU you have 10 weeks to complete the course with no mandatory post dates. The school also pays for your books at a much cheaper TA rate. Grantham charges the max TA will pay, 250 per credit hour. If you want a flexible school go to CSU if you want a regional one go to Phoenix it is FARRR superior than this crap.