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Grantham University Reviews


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"Electronics Engineering Graduate"

First, I had a great experience with Grantham University (GCE). They're great for the active duty military (like me!) and they accepted 90 credit hours from my previous schools which includes my RA credits, military certifications, and experience. Secondly, I chose GCE because of its flexibility while I'm performing my military duties. I work crazy hours and have a family to support so traditional college was not for me. In the past, I've attended college on campus and never got the top quality education I received while at GCE. I felt I wasn't learning as much as I could from the textbooks. The instructors on campus I attended hardly used the $110 books they made me purchase. It ticked me off driving 30 minutes to school, sitting in class for 45 minutes listening to someone instruct from PowerPoint slides, assign homework, and then drive 30 minutes back home. Let's not get me started with all the erroneous fees I had to pay for e.g. parking, athletics (I never used the gym), security, etc.--what a waste of my time and hard earned money. Thirdly, my supervisor (An E-9) told me to try GCE. I did but was hesitant at first since I really didn't know anything about it so I took a few classes. Eventually, I graduated with a BSEET degree. A couple years later I returned to finish my MSIMT degree with Grantham University In fact, the books, software, etc. were “free” and Grantham had paid my remaining costs since I'm military. Lastly, the technology used in the virtual labs for engineering were lifelike, challenging, and the latest software and technology. I was using virtual oscilloscopes and multimeters as the same models we have at my workplace. I studied programming languages such as C/C++ and I got to write my own code. Finally, attending Grantham was the best choice for me, my family and the U.S. military. I give them a high rating and I promise that you will not be disappointed and will learn a lot.