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Grantham University Reviews


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"Don't be Fooled By These crooks!"

I took 3 semester's worth of classes at Grantham Universtiy. I am a SSgt in the United States Air Force. This is a school that just has a lot of money, and can pay off sites like to do their advertising. If you don't believe that they ARE NOT regionally accredited, just look at their website: They talk about how important accreditation is. And they have a very professional looking website. Many people think that "nationally" accredited is what to look for, this is simply NOT true. They 'brag' about being accredited through DETC; which is a worthless Accrediting Commission. You want your school to be regionally accredited. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, AND TAKE MY ADVICE!!! This school's credits are WORTHLESS! 100% WORTHLESS; I cannot get ANY OTHER School to accept my credits, the "CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) who paid for these classes won't even accept these credits (and I took Math Classes, English Classes, Physc, and a few criminal justice classes). I worked with 3 other people that went to this school, and completed all of their requirements for their CCAF, and when they went to go transfer their credits, CCAF wouldn't take any of them. None of the community colleges would take them. Rutger's wouldn't take them, no well known, respected university would touch them. All of these "positive" reviews HAVE to be from the school itself. I really wish would stop take this school's advertising dollars, and stop putting them out as a "military friendly school". The course books are a JOKE. The course work is a joke, you just take mulitple choice tests, that are easy, and you are allowed to use the book. There is no time for the test either. Your not going to learn anything. And good luck trying to get in touch with anyone here. Tech support? Professors? Academic Deans? Advisors? NOTHING. The people you WILL here from are the admissions folks, you will get in touch with them in a heart beat. At first I thought I just had a bad teacher. Until I realized that this school barely exsists. I got a hold of no one. I have written the Dean countless times, his name is J. Patrick Cambell. I have still not heard back from any of my emails, phone calls, or letters I've sent him. Please please please, just take my advice, DO NOT TOUCH THIS SCHOOL! I wish, man I wish someone would have warned me. At McGuire AFB, I actually got the Wing CC to post an advisory about this school at the Ed. Center. I really wish that military would just go ahead and ban this school.