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Grand Canyon University Online Reviews


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"This school does not care about their students"

The first few years were great while I did my general education classes. The problem consists of the actual degree classes. The curriculums are terribly written and the teachers have no idea what is included in them. One teacher wrote the wrong homework in all her announcements! The teachers never can answer a question without just repeating the syllabus. I wondered why. In this most recent course with a terrible teacher and curriculum, I found out the online teachers do not have access to the class until about five days before the student does, they are not allowed to change the curriculum if there are problems, they have no authority on the testing or curriculum whatsoever! Furthermore, they and GCU will not help you by letting you re-take tests when the tests are poorly written. Every student has had a problem in this class due to faulty curriculum and GCU's staff has stated that they will not do anything to help us, but to be sure to include our complaints in the end of the course survey. That does not help us students currently in the class. So in conclusion, the teachers are not trained well, they are not actually there to teach, rather than follow a script and babysit, and when you have problems, they will not help you and only quote policies. Furthermore, I took my concerns to my advisor and her response was more of the same. Save your money and your health. This school is not worth it!