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Grand Canyon University Online Reviews


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"Pass on this one. . ."

I completed six (8 week long each) graduate classes here via the online Angel program they use. The classes themselves were hit or miss. You can expect to have an 8-12 page paper each week or a project that would take about the same amount of time to prepare. Many of the papers are similar to other classes you will take and you feel like you are writing the same thing over again! I liked 3 of the 6 classes I took and feel like they made me a better teacher. Three were not helpful and felt like busy work the entire time. I really tried to get the most out of each class so if you are not looking to learn some on your own by going further you might feel like they are all busy work. The professors are hit and miss as well. Some are vague and do not help decipher the terrible syllabus you are provided with. There were some assignments that I literally wanted to punch the computer because the directions were so vague or contradicting. The professors don't write them so my suggestion is to make your best gues off of the rubric and not the syllabus. During the online discussions some professors respond with what seems to be a cut and paste response systm that they keep using from class to class. Others are very involved and really try to stir engaging dialogue. I would say I had two professors I thought actually earned their pay. The financial aid dept was rediculous. I paid cash the entire way through and it took past my graduation date to get them to apply scholarships. I finshed all classes with 4.0 GPA around June 23rd. GCU still needed to apply a $500 scholarship to my account before I could receive my diploma etc. I ended up just paying the money to them and had a positive credit on my account. This whole process took two months and I had my diploma rushed to me at the end of August. I just got the check from GCU for the money they owed to me and it is mid September 2011. Keep in mind this scholarship was supposed to be applied back in November of 2010! Can you say headache? Be prepared for your academic and financial advisor to change 2-3 times in the course of a year. They are impossible to get ahold of and rarely call back when you leave them a message. I finally had to demand to speak to bosses etc in order to get things moving. This experince alone is why I can not recommend this school. The only saving grace for me was my last financial advisor was very helpful. GCU did seem like they were beginning to implement changes but it was a little too late for me to really know if they were going to make the school more positive. The last thing I want to point out is that this is supposed to be a Christian school that still abides by faith based principles. I am not sure if this school is purposely coming off the way they do, are out to make money and scarafice quality, or are just really significantly inept and ignorant to basic customer service and business practices. . but they will not last long if they continue this direction. As a recent MA Ed graduate I hope they turn it around!