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"Online Education Review"

I am a current online student, working towards my Bachelors degree in Secondary Education Mathematics. Before beginning my online degree program at Grand Canyon University I spent quite a bit of time researching online classes to determine what type of environment it would be. I found that full online degree programs were available in a multitude of majors and that courses were offered by highly rated accredited schools. Even the Ivy League schools like Harvard have offerings for online classes these days. Based on my personal requirements I narrowed my choices down to two universities that offered the degree program that I was interested in and offered an online course schedule that would fit into my busy schedule. I tested out the demonstration sites for both Grand Canyon University and Western Governors University and found Grand Canyons format to be the most compatible with my personal learning style. I have been attending Grand Canyon University online for the past eight months and have found the format to be very conducive to learning. The system they use to facilitate the classes is called Angel which has discussion forums, contains lectures with independent readings and lab processes, has a syllabus outlining the classwork that students will be doing in the class, access to the Grand Canyon University library and much more. The structure of the Angel environment allows me to feel engaged with my instructor and peers without being present in the classroom and has the benefit of being able to communicate my thoughts without being interrupted which can occur in a traditional classroom. The ability to work on my own schedule has been a great benefit to myself and my family. I work full time as a technical support professional, have an eighteen month old son at home and another baby due this December.