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"How dissapointing...."

I was only able to take 3 courses, then when I was preparing for a prospective job and I needed a transcript, I found that I had not signed my prommissary note. I would not have known this as no one had bothered to tell me. I lost 2 terms waiting for email responses from a so-called advisor, mr. Zucker, and financial aid. I finally was told the bank didn't even have me on file and I had to go to the bank website, then was told it would still be a few weeks. I had asked for an apology, something....but nothing from CHRISTIANS. I did like the teachers, the students irritated me and I don't need Old Testament for Psychology/Criminal Justice. I withdrew after I had been getting bills to pay even though they screwed up my financial aid, grrrrrrrr!!!! Now I am getting email from them as if nothing EVER HAPPENED. Still no apology. I am soo peeved. Don't do it. Find another school.