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Full Sail University Reviews


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"Right School for the Right Student"

Full Sail is the right place to go for students of appropriate means and desire to achieve. Media fields featured at the school are often risky and diffcult to get into, and review boards are rife with angry past students calling "foul" over their inabiity to find employment and frustration with being unabe to crack their chosen fields tens of thousands of dollars into their education --- NONE of which should fall on the institution's shoulders. The school was and remains on the cutting edge of current technology and industry standards, a rarity with many schools without the funds to maintain their programs at this level. Instructors were almost uniformly life-altering in the depth of ther knowlege and passion for relating their knowledge... all of mine had worked or still worked in the industry. I cannot stress enough that this is a school for students WITH MEANS and the desire to excel in a realistic work environment... complaints of round-the-clock classes and labs and shifting schedules are at odds with the reality of the crafts you're being trained for. If you can swing it and aren't in it for the glamour (nearly 20 television and web series credits later, i still haven't experienced much n the way of glamour), Full Sail is an ideal choice. Great for students getting a leter-in-life start as well... I was 25 when I enrolled and readily admit that at 18, I might not have apprecated it as much or worked nearly as hard.