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Everest College Phoenix Reviews


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"Awesome School"

This school is great! I have been going there for 4 terms after transferring from Lamson and I could not believe the difference. The teachers are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teacher. I have a teacher that is a Supreme Court judge. Yes, an actual Supreme Court judge. Lamson, never had that. The teachers are there for the students not money! I have called my program director with questions about my program or schedule and I have always got a call back within 24 hours! The people that are giving the bad reviews are completely lazy. The school will HELP you look for a job but it is up to you to get that job. (Maybe you people should look at your grammar, and spelling because it sucks!!!). This is a great school for Paralegal studies. I have never heard the students saying bad things about this school on campus. I am not at all disappointed with my decision to go to Everest College Phoenix-Mesa.