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My experience at Devry University was so I thought a good one, until I tried to register for the summer session of 2009 and found out I had a balance of $4,900 that I was unaware of. First of all no one contacted me about the balance until it was out of control. When I went to the financial aid office I was told that I shouldn't have been able to register for the spring term...., which I did and already took the classes! So when the summer term came I was like why is this balance so huge, financial aid told me that I was taking more classes than what my tuition could cover, which I didn't know I was doing that. I would imagine that maybe the last two sessions I registered myself online without any help from financial aid, which they didn't tell me till after to always check with financial before scheduling your classes. Be that as it may I was unaware of the balance even before that because my mother passed in January of 2009 so I was not in the predicament to notice if the classes that I registered for was in with my tuition cost because evidently this balance had begun in 2008, again was not aware until summer of 09. The moral of this story is that the way this was handled was totally unfair and unavoidable. Now the balance has ballooned to about $5,400 how am I supposed to pay that when my intentions of going to this school was to graduate to get a good job. I wouldn't recommend anyone going to this school it is too expensive and not worth it.