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DeVry University Online Reviews


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"Four stars"

I attended Devry back when online schools were still very new. I was unable to finish due to personal issues.. not the school. After talking with others who attend online schools and reading some of the reviews it seems DeVry offers something the others do not. An actual classroom setting. I loved that I was able (and expected) to interact with the teacher as well as the rest of my class. We were scheduled for our classes the same as you are at an on campus school. Everyone logs into the classroom at the same time and learn in a classroom environment. It was a great experience. What I've learned about the other online schools is that you log in, grab your assignments, post your completed work and be on your way. As long as you login once a day you get the credit. To me that is not school. I choose online because I wanted the education but didn't have time to continue on campus. I did not want to pay to be self taught. The only con I have with DeVry is their financial aide office. They failed they to file my application for financial aide and to top it off they did not inform me until I tried to register for the next session.. I had a balance of about $2800 that I had to pay prior to applying again. I paid the balance but chose not to return. Not informing your students on large balances or any balances for that matter is unethical.