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Concord Law School Reviews


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"You Get What You Work For"

I went to a Tier 1 law school for my first year. Great. Life intervened, and years later I needed an alternative. Concord seemed to offer everything I needed, but the proof was going to be in the pudding. I entered Concord as a 1L, and was so impressed (comparing it to my Tier 1 brick and mortar law school) than there was no question I would go onto 2L. As good as my profs were in 1L, they were equally if not better in 2L. Sure, you have video lectures. But the reading is the same as it is in a B/M campus, and the live lectures stretch your brain in ways I never experienced at Baylor. I am so impressed with the education at Concord that I would recommend it to ANYONE who wants to complete a legal education - in California or elsewhere. For those of us who live in an area without a law school, those of us who work full time, those of us who are full time parents - Concord's pace is user-friendly, the professors are always available to help with questions, and the other students are anxious to engage in real time discussions about the class or law in general. Compared to Baylor, which I passed in 1L, I give Concord even higher marks. This is the wave of the present and future.