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Concord Law School Reviews


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"The Perfect School"

I want to start by stating to the reader(s) - don't pay attention to the complaints. I've been to the fixed facility law school and Concord is a far superior product. The complaints you see here are obviously those who experienced he spoon feeding frenzy of our broken education system. This education is nothing like your undergraduate or graduate education. I can assure you the experience of law study whether at a fixed facility school or online is much more demanding then undergraduate or graduate. You will study - a lot but Hello - it is a law school. The course lectures are excellent, professors very responsive. Let me make a note about the professors. They are there to provide a superior education. They are not there to give you emotional support (although some do) or hold your hand through the process. They are not there to be a cheerleader or chase you down to do the work. If you need this type of "care" then I suggest a therapist. For this program get some thick skin and get ready to bust your butt. But it is WELL worth every cent!