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Concord Law School Reviews


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"Passed the CA Bar on the first try"

Like most of the "typical" Concord student body, I am a working professional having had a successful first career. My undergraduate degree was a BS Computer Science from a traditional brick and mortar school. I decided to enroll in Concord due to my desire to explore the field of law. I researched a number of online programs and finally chose Concord. And I'm glad I did. Herewith some random notes of my experiences: 1. The program delivery was superb. Each year (and subject) was broken down into modules. The student website kept you on pace with a color coded guide to show you if you're keeping pace or falling behind. 2. Don't be misled: This is a real program. Its tough. It is a JD through and through. You will not get "a break". You are expected to attend classes, maintain a minimum GPA, complete all assignments and stay on course. 3. The video lectures were better then any live instruction I've experienced before. Why? Concord went out and hired known and nationally recognized experts in the field to conduct those lectures (eg. Arthur Miller (Harvard)). They were concise. I could pause, take notes, and not waste 40% of my class time through student interruptions, delays etc. 4. I personally was not a huge fan of the "live" classes. It is is probably a case of you get what you put into it. However, it was good as over time I met a number of my fellow students and built strong relationships. 5. Concord is doing a wonderful job of producing lawyers. This is an important point. Passing the bar and being a lawyer are two different things. And unfortunately some online schools are focusing on bar prep to push up the pass %. Concord is more like a traditional law school in this regard. Teach the law first, the bar second. 6. In light of comment 5, however, I did pass the CA bar on the first attempt. If you've done research into this, you know the CA bar is by far the hardest in the country. Initially while I started on the online law program, there were (and always will be) naysayers. And if you have the ability to do a traditional B&M school, I say go for it. However, for many of us, we have careers, family etc, and Concord is a much more viable option. The good news is that after I passed the CA bar, it served as the great equalizer. I've spoken to many attorneys who find out you passed the CA bar, give you instant respect, and the fact that your education was "online" is of no relevance to them. In summary, I give Concord full marks. I read some of the other negative reviews here, and I cannot help but feel they are being very nitpicky. I never had any problems with my communication with the faculty. The times I emailed my professor a question, I received highly verbose responses. Finally, my wife is now enrolled in a traditional B&M school (a well regarded one at that). She is dissapointed at the lecture quality after she had seen what I went through at Concord with such good videos. And I review some of the sample student answers to essays and I'm shocked at the poor writing style. Concord will not let that pass and seem to have much higher standards. I now have my own law practice. Four years flew by. And I still keep in touch with my classmates. It is the future of education.