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Concord Law School Reviews


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"Modern Age Privilege"

It is my first year at CLS. I am still in shock with how convenient and effective this program is. If you really think about it, B&M forces you to go to class at scheduled times that they pick. You have to change, eat breakfast, be in traffic, and then learn. Why not safe the bells and whistles and get straight to learning, and at anytime of the day. It is about the quality of learning for the individual, so why waste mental/physical energy when you don't need to. You have to truly want to learn the law and to be an attorney. It's not like undergrad where you can skip homework or reading, and still pass. This program is flexible with your personal schedule, but the price to pay is that you have to give more effort into completing ALL the assignments. The only thing one could maybe question is interaction with other students. But if you all remembered in your undergrad, group work was always a waste of time. Something that administrators added to make themselves look more valuable so they can charge you 160k (i went to a private school). But group work never made you smarter or helped you with anything. At the end of the day it was learning the material you studied on your own, so you could write and essay and take an exam. And that is what you get from CLS. Their website reminds me of Facebook. The reason why Myspace crashed was because it was complex for no reason. We all love Facebook because it is simple and straight to the point, which helps organize things for our studies. I hope this helps for anyone who is interested in CLS. =) ..P.S. They take care of financial aid quickly, I haven't even done anything, but i'm covered!