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Concord Law School Reviews


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"Left hand doesn't know Right hand"

If you need to medically withdraw, understand that financial aid will misinform you. Don't make a decision based on financial impact. The zero due becomes several grand due. Know that your Professor will answer questions that he does not have the knowledge to answer instead of referring you the right department. Don't rely on your professor to know anything other than the law. Know that you only meet once a week. The live classes are a waste of time. NWCU meets more often and has more interaction with the students (but they are not regioanlly accredited). If you want to work with people that will answer when they should not, this will work for you. Just know, even though you ask all the right questions, this school will claim that You should have asked this department and not that department without stepping up to the plate and admitting you should have been directed to the right department. I detrimentally relied on information provided by these people. Now, it has a negative medical impact on me and may have prevented me from returning to school (because I cannot pay the bill and will have to go bankrupt). DON'T TRUST THE PEOPLE AT THIS SCHOOL. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.