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Concord Law School Reviews


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"JD Program - Concord Law SChool (Online)"

I'm just a few months into the JD Program and feel that the turn of the modules is much too fast. We have 4 subjects (courses) which are broken into modules. Each module turns every 11 days. Unless I do nothing else in a week it is becoming increasingly impossible to keep up with the modules and absorb the material (without cutting corners which I have begun to do). To do it right and really feel prepared for the quizzes and graded essays (not to speak of the baby bar), this is a 40 hour per week program. It is supposed to be geared to working adults, but if it was the modules would not turn as quickly as they do. We do not even have 2 weekends to complete a module. Last week I spent almost 20 hours on one subject alone and still did not brief all the cases. The online live class which happens 1 time per week for 90 minutes (produces 1/2 page of notes that upon request the teacher will e-mail back to us). The pre-recorded video lectures are fair. There is one professor who is great and speaks slowly enough where I do not have to stop and pause every 2 minutes to take a note. All in all, I am sad because I invested a lot of money in a new computer (they said they are not MAC friendly, (so I bought a new PC which I then found out I did not need), 700 dollars in textbooks, a pricey 8900/year, and now I am behind in my work and they say don't fall behind...I will most likely drop out and that is that. I wish there was more support from faculty, I wish there were handouts and samples of the cases, maybe provide some briefs, has become very unrealistic.....the pace is way too fast and the sentiment is from the professor to hang in there , it will get better. I would like to continue but it is a long haul with absolutely no breaks...they run 52 weeks non-stop consecutively for 4 years. Another problem is, if we fail the baby bar and have alerady started the second year of law school (as there are no breaks), if we fail they do not count any time we put into the second year and so then we have to take the baby bar again, until we pass, and repeat the second what is 4 years can turn into 5 or 6 to complete.