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Concord Law School Reviews


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"It Is What You Make of It"

I started at CLS in 2009. I have to say from reading many of the reviews, that CLS is what you make of it. 1. It is hard. There is alot of reading and studying so prepare to spend 25 hours + a week. Don't have the time? Don't do it. We have lost about 50% of our class to dropping out. 2. My professor is great, gets your mind working and answers anything you have to throw at him. He is a very knowledgeable attorney and easy to reach and work with. Yes there is only one live class a week and the rest are recorded lectures. 3. The Dean is fantastic and I am participating in two essay workshops in which we get feedback that help improve your essay product. There are tons of resources and full access to law libraries and materials. 4. I have never had a problem with the class or lectures technically. The classes are no longer in Real Player. They are embedded into the web. I have never had a day when I did not have the access I needed. 5. I have a good study group of real students in my city. We meet like any other study group would and work together. As a result our grades have gone up. The bottom line is this. It is an online school. You want a brick and mortar experience? Go to a b&m school. Online school works for those of us that have full time jobs. It gives us the flexibility to go to school from home. For me it is also $15,000 less per year than the only local in state regular law school. We use the same books they do. Most of the people that have ripped on CLS are ones who did not have the appropriate expectations or had trouble working with an online environment, with comments like "too fast" "too much". If you thought it was going to be cake walk like your online BS degree then you were shocked. Welcome to a school where you can fail if you do not work your hind end off. Welcome to a school where as an adult you are responsible for getting things done and not relying on sitting in a class being spoon fed.