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Colorado Technical University Online Reviews


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"Beware of the Military Financial Aid Advisers at CTU"

As far as the classes they were good, there were several instructors who constantly did not answer back emails in a timely manner and one whose grading of papers left a sour taste in my mouth. The biggest problem was with the Military Financial Aid advisers. I was totally screwed over by these so called advisers. I had to take a session off due to some surgery I needed. The financial aid advisers on 4 different occasions gave me wrong information on how taking the session off would affect my financial aid. I was told it would not affect it at all in July 2012, then when I started back with classes I was "told" near the end of that session I needed to take two classes which I did not because I was not told that; so then I receive letter stating I had to pay out of pocket for part of my tuition in December because I did not have enough credit hours in that quarter which no one discussed this with me. I contacted the VP of Financial aid with my complaints, they "had a discussion" and decided even though the "advisers" did not give me the correct information and that they will have "learning sessions" on how to correctly advise students, I was left with a big bill in which I could not pay out of pocket because I was not employed at that time and we were getting ready to move to Florida in Feb. The whole mess has escalated to the point they will not give me my degree nor my transcripts in order to get a job until the money is paid. They have been very condescending, not helpful whatsoever and eve the recruiter who recruited me to go to CTU lied about how the financial aid system worked there. So I would NOT recommend CTU to you if you have to use the financial aid in student loans especially with the military student advisers. I wish I had never chosen CTU it was the worst mistake I have made in my life!