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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Terrible School"

This is the worst school you will ever attend. They do not care about their students. All they care about is making money and using people for their money. It is very difficult to pass their classes but even if you do they make up new rules all the time so you take longer to graduate like you need to take a CPR class to get to the next semester or they raise your tuition, or they tell you you have uncompleted tasks you need to finish before enrolling you in the next semester. This school is a scam. When you go inside of the Phoenix campus they treat you terribly. As soon as you pay they forget who you are and treat you worse then their employees. Their employees talk disrespectfully and act like they are better then their students. I did not pay full tuition to get talked down to and provided no help. I HATE this school and they have been no benefit to me whatsoever.