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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"RN to BSN and MSN/MBA"

After reading the reviews, I realize that many of the bricks & mortar Chamberlain students are posting. Please, only the online students as the experiences may be vastly different! I have been a student at Chamberlain for 3 years now. I first completed their RN to BSN program. They were very generous in their assessment of my previous credits, allowed me to challenge both the Leadership and Community Health courses with a written portfolio, obtained all my transcripts for me (helpful to those of us who are schools are closed!), and arranged for financial aide. In no time at all (1 year) it was complete. As my experience was so positive, I continued on to the MSN course for which I am one class out from graduation. I am currently experiencing a fabulous internship in nursing management at NY Presbyterian. My advisor was great and called me weekly to compete the contract with NYP for the internship and worked with me sometimes hourly the last few days completing the details for me to start the internship. I will continue the MBA portion as I will only need 6 more classes as the second year of the MSN fulfills one half of the MBA requirement. In terms of papers/writing...of course you have to write. It is college and it is an online class and without clinicals, how do you expect them to evaluate you as a student?! You get out of it what you put into it. I can sincerely state that now that I am in my internship, Chamberlain truly prepared me. Their professors are of the highest calibre with very varied and excellent backgrounds/credentials. Their education is completely apropos to the current health care environment. Every meeting I have attended during my internship is like it came out of the textbooks! I have several colleagues that have completed Phoenix and they complained about the amount of group projects. I had one as an undergrad and one as a graduate student. I have no regrets and would highly recommend the Chamberlain online program to all my colleagues contemplating obtaining their BSN.