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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"RN to BSN Chamberlain College of Nursing"

I am an RN working on my BSN online. I highly recommend this program for anyone who needs a flexible schedule. The advisors were extremely helpful. The only drawback was that there are many advisors and I would have liked to have just one I could communicate with for continuity. The general education classes I had to take with another school basically were awful. There was way too much information that was crammed into an 8 week session. There was a heavy reliance on tests and quizzes without alot of support from their instructors. There was only A, B, C, D and F grades at the other school; however, at Chamberlain there were A, B+, B, B- grades that enabled me to feel like I got full credit. At the other school if you were a B student, you could have an 81 or 89 average, there was no differentiation. While this other school sucked, Chamberlain was great.