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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Excellent School"

I am a current RN to BSN student and I love this school! I am an online student and everyone I have had contact with has been just super! Even my algebra instructor, throug DeVry was wonderful, when I called her in tears because algebra was so hard for me. I have been an RN for 36 years and need my BSN as I am working towards my Master's degree, so it is just a formality for me. But, I have learned from these courses and will admit that some of them are just a review of what I am or have practiced in my 36 years of nursing. I am in Senior Management with just my ADRN, but an RN is an RN and with my experience, the company I work for definately wanted me to come on board. I am a "self-educator" and many of the classes from Chamberlain have just solidified what I have learned from my practice or my self-education. Again, this school is great and EVERYONE has been super in answering my questions and helping me succeed. I highly reccommend Chamberlain School of Nursing and have already reccomended it to nruses I work with!